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Karakura town

Karakura Town from above (image from trello)


Karakura Town is the starter place for Soul Reapers, Vizards, Exiled and Humans. The map is divided into two sides (A and B, the latter is left) by the river, and two parts of the map are connected by bridges. There are large rocks around the map that block vision and prevent people from jumping off the map.


Seven eleven shop
7-Eleven ( Seven Eleven )

7-Eleven is a small shop located on the B side of the map. It provides you with different types of Quincy Weapons, XP Boosters and other rerolls for the cost of Yen. It also has clothing dummies to change your clothing.

Clothing 1
Clothing 3
!Clothing 2
Accessories 1
Accessories 2

Kisuke House
Kisuke house
Kisuke House

Kisuke House is a small house on the B side in the corner of the map. You can buy utility items and accessories and access the Strength, Speed, and Reiatsu Trainings. There is also a Garganta portal opener and private servers portal, where you can either create or join one.

Exile robe
Exile's Robe (3,000 Yen)

Private Servers
Private Servers Creation

Garganta Portal Opener
Open garganta button
Garganta Portal Opener (250 Yen)


Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper Npc
Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper is an NPC that teleports you to Soul Society and if you're a human - turns you into Trainee. There are 5 of them on the map and each of them has a yellow beam.

Exiled Soul Reaper
Exile Npc
Exiled Soul Reaper

Exiled Soul Reaper is an NPC that allows you to become Exiled, retire as Soul Reaper. This is further needed to become Vizard. This NPC spawns in different locations, the easiest way to find it is by looking for a red beam in the sky.

Quincy Master
Quincy Master Npc
Quincy Master

Quincy Master is an NPC that allows you to obtain your Voltstanding as Quincy for 5,000 Yen, and you also need to be Rank 30. It's located behind the 7-Eleven shop and has a cyan beam.